CRANS MONTANA FORUM, an opportunity to present the Blue Belt Initiative as

Released from the recommendations of the COP22, held in Marrakech in November 2016, the Blue Belt Initiative proposes an economic and social transformation of the countries of Africa. "The Blue Belt Initiative (BBI)" aims to put the countries concerned in a dynamic growth of strong, inclusive, diversified, sustainable and generating income and jobs. With the aim of "Better fishing, more value, while monitoring and protecting the oceans better", the Blue Belt initiative proposes solutions for the development of the blue economy, primarily in Africa, in a collaborative and inclusive framework.


The fourth edition of the Crans Montana Forum (Dakhla, March 15-20, 2018) hosted a high-level panel dedicated to the Blue Belt Initiative on March 16 as a platform for cooperation and development of the fisheries economy inAfrica, as well as a technical workshop on March 17 dedicated to the preparation of a roadmap for the implementation of the blue belt.


The panel was held on 16 March 2018 in plenary session at the Dakhla Congress Palace and was constituted as follows:


Mr Hon. Abdullahi Omar Abshir, Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Resources, Somalia.

Mr. James JengaDuku, Minister of Living Resources and Fisheries, Southern Sudan.

Mr. Abdelmalek Faraj, Director of the National Institute for Fisheries Research.

Mrs. Patricia Ricard, President of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute.

Mr Keith Coleman, Founder and Director, Feed Algae Ltd.

The panel started with a projection of an animation film produced by INRH on the blue belt, recalling the economic context of Africa, and key figures in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. The second part of the film consists of the presentation of the blue belt and solutions. The third part presented the achievements, to support the fisheries sector, under the Halieutis plan, such as infrastructure support (Fish Halles, hatchery in Dakhla ... etc) on a national scale as well as on the African continent (equipped landing point inaugurated by HM King Mohammed VI in Senegal, the Ivory Coast and in Guinea-Conakry)

Following this introductory and technical sequence, followed by comments from Mr Faraj, Director of the National Institute for Fisheries Research
on practical aspects of the blue belt, the high level speakers (ministerial panel) shared their experience in sectoral policy for sustainable fisheries
development, while highlighting priorities for the implementation of the Blue Belt Initiative in South-South cooperation.