Its mission

The assessment of the microbiological contaminations levels of the marine environment and their evolution, for the knowledge of the state of the environment.
- Desired pathogens: Escherichia Coli presumed.
- Analytical equipments: incubators, drying rooms, hoods.
• Assessment of levels and trends of chemical pollution:
- Chemical pollutants: Heavy metals (Cadmium, Mercury, Lead).
- Analytical equipments: Atomic absorption spectrophotometry.
• Monitoring levels of bivalve molluscs contamination by phycotoxins in shellfish production areas.
- Marine biotoxins: PSP, LSP, and ASP.
- Analytical means: UV HPLC, Bioassay test.
• Monitoring of harmful algal blooms for the prevention of phycotoxin contamination of marine 
- Investigated phytoplankton: Phytoplankton species producing toxins and ichthyotoxic.
- Analytical means: Inverted microscope.
• The conduct of biological tests for the assessment and monitoring of the effects of marine pollution.
- Analytical tools: Biomarkers of effects.